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Island Aquascapes, LLC

Welcome to Island Aquascapes, full-service Koi pond designers, installers, and plant/fish suppliers. Island Aquascapes has been in operation since 2006 and serves many satisfied long time customers on the beautiful Kohala coastline of North Kona. We also provide service to the Hilo and Hamakua areas. We operate our own water plant and Koi nursery. Island Aquascapes are experts in Koi ponds and water gardens, and are equipped to handle the many aspects of installation and maintenance. The unique climate here requires specific techniques to keep algae in check and keep ponds looking their best. Selecting the proper equipment that can function at a high level in our challenging conditions is very important. Having someonoe with the experience to help you make these decisions is an important start.

Island Aquascapes is also a commercially insured supplier of Koi fish and water plants. Koi fish, in addition to their renowned beauty, help stimulate the growth of water plants, which in turn provide oxygen and regulate algae growth. A well maintaind Koi pond or water garden are an ideal asset to any home or business. Willing to eat from the palm of your hand, Koi Fishalso make excellent pets!